How Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Works

Clay Pidgeon Shoot Melbourne

Players use deactivated guns that fire infrared beams. Clays with omni-directional reflective tape attached are fired from a launcher. Up to five players can shoot at the same time. When a shooter scores a hit, the beam is reflected back to the gun and registers a “HIT”  on the computer scoreboard. Authentic sound effects enhance the experience.

The computerised scoreboard tallies up hits and allows several different forms of competition to take place, catering for all levels of expertise.

Lasersports can be played virtually anywhere, day or night, and is ideal as an exciting add-on to any social or corporate event. Lasersports is environmentally safe and approved by the Victorian Firearms Registry.

Lasersports Clay Pigeon Shooting can cater for both small and large groups, from private parties to conventions.

At the conclusion of the clay pigeon shooting, a Champion is presented with a trophy and  medals can be awarded to the runners-up.