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Skeet Shoot at Docklands

Clay Pigeon Shooting Pricing

On Land Events from $200/hr at New Quay, Docklands from 1 – 15 people
- An event can be held on a tennis court, golf course, recreational park, Swimming Pool, Winery or even a backyard if it’s big enough!
- Travel time @ $55hr
- At night using “strobe” skeets from $300/hr

Clay Shoot Water 3
Skeet Shoot on a Boat

On A Boat from  $300/hr
Clay Pigeon Shooting can be performed on the water in Victoria Harbour or Williamstown, Port Melbourne. We have floatable skeets and provide a  boat to retrieve skeets.  Tell your charter boat operator to contact Lasersports and we take care of all the logistics. We can cater for up to fifty people.

Clay Pigeon shoot Water


“Pleasure Cruising Club Inc”                  ph  1300 633 299

“Lady Cutler”, Melbourne Show Boat  ph 03 9499 9371

Great for all sorts of parties:

Corporate Events from $250/hr from 5 plus participants. Team sports organised with many variations of the game.

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