Clay Pigeon Shooting Location

Lasersports Australia is centrally located in Docklands, just minutes from Melbourne’s CBD. Our shooting range is at our office, or we can come to a location of your choice. We also offer water games with our floating skeets.

Office Location: 84 New Quay Promenade, Docklands 3008

Clay Pigeon Shooting is an Olympic sport, with Australia winning Gold at the Sydney Olympic Games. Now it is possible for everyone to indulge in the excitement and thrill of Clay Shooting.


Clay Shooting can be used virtually anywhere at anytime in Melbourne on the water. Competing in absolute safety, up to five shooters can stand side-by-side and fire at the clays using modified deactivated shotguns, firing harmless infra-red light beams. Hits and misses from each gun are tallied on a computerised scoreboard, complete with realistic sound effects.

With clays flying overhead, the sound of shotgun blasts and your guests cheering as they score a direct hit. Whether is is just for fun or serious competition, individual or a team building exercise, this is the very best in interactive entertainment.

Old Ship Skeet Shoot